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A bit of a tour to Tours!

Today we drove from Urrugne near the border with Spain up to Tours - some 560km. What we didn’t bargain for was lots of roadworks and narrow lanes, lorries and a motorway closure (which the sat nav got the wrong bit of motorway). Hey, we got here in one piece! We saw the rivers in Bordeaux and some nice scenery on the way - but not a favourite leg if the journey,

The weather is getting cloudier and cooler but Tom is still wearing his shorts - I have to say the only one around!

Lucy says are we really not there yet! I have had enough of this traveling malarkey!

Another long day tomorrow to Calais, cross via eurotunnel and then home to our larger bed! After 7 weeks in the caravan that will be a treat!

Thanks for watching our blog and hope you enjoyed it. It also serves as a diary for us to look back at one day when we can’t do it anymore.

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Thats it Spains done - Bonjour France

Riaza is a lovely old town with lots of character. Last evening we popped in for a few things


We did not realise that May 1st is a public holiday in both Spain and France (Labour Day) and that both countries shut down. So, we left Riaza with snow on the mountains and hit the A1 which is the main road through central Spain.
Oh my goodness, where did all the cars come from! The previous day had seen us drive 700km on pretty much empty roads but today it was like the police had opened up a road block. All the services were jammed full of lorries and cars goodness only knows where they were all going!

Anyway, today’s drive is one of our favourites as it meanders through the mountains with lots of tunnels and spectacular views. People call it little Switzerland. Anyway see what you think -oh, and we had the last goodbye from a “torres” bull.


It was an easy drive today 350km so we arrived by 1pm at Urrugne which is just over the french border and very close to St Jean de Luz. We had lunch and then did a little tour. Urrugne first - a very clean and well kept town with all the buildings in cream with burgundy shutters. A lovely old church and a very well kept grave yard - every grave had flowers on it - we have never seen anything quite like it!


Then we went on to Hendaye and along the coast to Socoa - a harbour opposite St Jean de Luz with lots of water activity going on. Check out the amazing rock formations - very unusual. These are both just up the coast from San Sebastian or Donastia in Basque. This could be a great holiday centre


Tomorrow morning early we’ll leave for Tours. Definitely do not looking forward to passing row after row of big lorries through Bordeaux! This is probably the more boring section of the journey. But it has to be done!

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And so, all good things come to an end!

Really? Do we really have to go back to the cold and rain?


We had an early start with the sun coming up over the sea when we got to Marbella and Malaga. A lovely sight.

It was interesting that when we came down in March there was no snow on the mountains around Granada. Since then they have had snow.

And then we passed through lovely mountain areas towards Madrid - really beautiful!

And miles of olive groves - millions!

Our final Tores bull was there to see us off back home!

We finally reached our overnight camp site at Riaza. Realised that tomorrow is a holiday -1st May! Had to do a quick shop for food for tomorrow night. Very small town and small supermarket - but a lovely town square.


Lucy saying - are we there yet? I’m bored now!


And a lovely sunset tonight!


Tomorrow we are off to a site just over the border into France.

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Bye bye Spain 🙃

Well the time has come to leave Manilva and make our way through the centre of Spain and up to Urrugne in France. Tomorrow we leave at 8.00am and drive some 700km to Riaza which is north of Madrid. Lucy has her passport all stamped and is already to go. Its a beautiful evening sunny and warm always difficult to leave ...


Well, we are booked again for next year ...!!

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Tarifa Day out

The weather was warm in Tarifa so off we went primarily to see how close Africa was but also to experience Tarifa. This is what we saw


Atlantic ocean on their left and the Med on their right!


This was followed by a swim and some lovely food

That was cold!!
Don’t be a sissy! It’s refreshing!!


Tom learning how to de-bone a pork chop! You need to know the basics before you barbeque!


Finally the weather is settling and less wind! This is what we have been looking forward too!


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